The rooms, each with their own private entrance, have a modern, unique and exclusive design and are situated around the traditional Sicilian “baglio” (courtyard). Some of them have a private veranda and a wonderful view of the original leaf-shaped swimming pool. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom with shower, adjustable air conditioning, smart TV (satellite channels, lan tv), telephone, Wi-Fi, small fridge, kettle and safe.

“Sea” Room

The immense and crystal clear sea, bathing the Sicilian coasts gifts our island with landscapes of great beauty.

Courtyard view

“Archimedes” Room

“I have found it!” The famous exclamation attributed to Archimedes, one of the greatest scientists of all time born in Syracuse, who discovered and theorized, among other things, the spiral, named after him.

Courtyard view

“Earth” Room

The symbols we use to describe the earth are countless, but for us earth signifies belonging, ‘our earth’, ‘our home’. Natural element par excellence, it identifies and houses mankind.

Garden and courtyard view (adjoining room ‘Wind’)

“Water” Room

A vital resource for humanity, symbol of life and rebirth. The legendary fresh water spring of Syracuse, Aretusa’s spring, gave birth to the development of the city.

Garden view